What do you need to start training a dog?

My answer is a dog and person. A goal in mind of what you are wanting to accomplish, and a good attitude. Dogs work for praise! After-all, they are man's best friend. I start every lesson I teach at the lowest level possible. My ultimate goal is to have my dog off leash. I have used numerous tools for training, and I believe all have an appropriate time for use. When starting a training program with me, you will need a six foot leash and a collar.

Puppy Training

Giving your puppy the opportunity to socialize and learn about new experiences in a safe environment is important in guiding your puppy to be a well behaved dog. Addressing your puppy's development: potty training, socialization, bite inhibition, and preventing adolescent problems are some ways Lindsey at Speaking K9 can help you in developing a life long companion.

Dog Obedience Training

If you are looking for the basics: heel , sit, down, and stay, Speaking K9 has you covered. Whether you're starting training for the first time or are a seasoned dog owner, Lindsey can help you build a solid, meaningful relationship with your pet. Here at Speaking K9 we strive to start the pups off right, teach old dogs new tricks.

Behavior Modification

Our staff carefully assess your dog's temperament and your needs. We can stop unwanted behavior by conditioning appropriate behavior. We have helped dogs with behavioral problems like aggression, fearful behavior, reactivity, shyness, hyperactivity, and separation anxiety.​

Custom Packages

I design all of my individual package plans to benefit my clients. If your dog's behavior isn't listed above, we'd love to hear from you. Shoot us an email to or contact us using the menu above!